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Office Fit Out for Coworking Spaces

When we think of the traditional office, an image of rows of desks, dingy overhead lighting and uninspiring walls immediately springs to mind. But in recent years, more offices are undergoing a transformation.

From fun and creative working areas in company offices to coworking spaces for self-employed people, more commercial properties are undergoing fit outs to improve the look, feel and productivity of their working areas.

In this blog post, Eden London shares their insight on how to fit out coworking space, including the benefits of modernising your coworking office design, what makes a successful one and how to transform your old office space into something modern and exciting.

The birth of coworking spaces

For self-employed people, one of the biggest battles is staying as productive as possible. And when you work from home, staying clear of distractions can be even harder.

And this is exactly why coworking spaces came about. For those working alone or at home, the temptation to procrastinate and the lonely nature of their work led to a demand for a space which allows an office environment with others wanting the same.

Offering users a sense of community, as well as greater collaboration and learning opportunities, coworking spaces are becoming hugely popular. Not to mention, most coworking spaces come with exclusive perks, such as canteens, professional conference rooms and gyms.

What makes a successful coworking space

A successful coworking space looks a lot like a successful office. That’s because both encourage productivity, creativity and focus.

Some of the best coworking spaces have:

  • Lots of natural light
  • Modern furniture
  • Bold and tasteful colours
  • Creative and collaborative areas
  • Functional meeting rooms
  • Stylish accessories

Your coworking office design plays a big part in its success, but it’s not just about the tangible aspects. The overall ‘feel’ of your coworking space is what will encourage self-employed to use your space, rather than stay home or go in search of another.

Creating the right ambience in your coworking space comes from a well thought out design, professionally finished fit out and the right energy from the people using the space. It’s when these three aspects come together that interest builds and spaces start to be in demand.

How to transform your coworking space

Keeping your coworking office design up to date, modern and exciting is the key to enticing interested parties and retaining existing clients. If your space begins to fall behind the latest trends and look worn down, those who use it will feel uninspired and begin to look elsewhere for a new working space.

If you’re looking to transform your space with a complete fit out, you need to enlist the help of an industry professional. Getting the right balance of work and play in a coworking space isn’t easy, but it’s essential if you want your space to succeed.

Eden London are a principal contractor operating in London and the surrounding areas. If you’re seeking a professional team who can bring your coworking vision to life on time and on budget, get in touch with us today.