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Why choose Eden for your bar fit out

Considered approach

Eden is dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients, and takes pride in our ability to provide bespoke strategies for each project. We consider every detail to make your bar fit out unique and turn them into deliverables that exceed all expectations.




Unrivalled delivery

A bar fit out on your hospitality premises can be daunting, but we ensure the process is as stress-free as possible by explaining each step of the process. Our cloud-based hub ensures that everyone, including you as our client, can keep on track with the progress of the project.




Unmatched quality

We complete all of our projects to the highest standards. Working with Eden ensures your hospitality fit out is of the highest quality, and carried out in line with our ISO 9001 accreditation status including procurement quality, benchmarking and hold points, successful planning, accountability, final inspections, handover and aftercare.




When you choose Eden, you choose quality:

  • Procurement Quality
  • Benchmarking & hold points
  • Successful planning
  • Accountability
  • Final inspections/Handover
  • Aftercare




Samples of our pub & bar fit out projects

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A bar fit-out, often referred to as a bar “re-fit” is an overhaul of a commercial premises to create a new bar space. The space may have previously been a dated, tired bar in need of a new lease of life, or a space which is being converted into a bar for the first time.

This depends on what type of fit out is required or requested. But for a fully finished, functional bar you would usually be looking at a Cat B fit out. This includes everything needed to make the commercial space turnkey and ready for trading, from flooring and lighting to bar seating and bar!

This depends greatly on the extent of the project and finish required. For an accurate quote or some initial guidance on the costs you’d be looking at for a bar fit out, contact us today.

There are numerous benefits to a bar fit out. By updating the internal space in your bar, you can expect an increase in footfall, improved employee morale, a boost in brand reputation and being more competitive against rival bars in your area.

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