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Dynamic innovation

As experienced shopfitting contractors in London, we know the physical retail landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. We understand that in order to compete, your retail space or shop has to deliver a highly considered experience. We take the time to understand your vision for your shop design or retail refurbishment project in order to be able to deliver over and above. Every shop fit out and refit we undertake is treated as completely bespoke.

Unmatched performance

Transparency, communication and accountability are paramount to any construction project, with retail fit outs and shop refurbishments being no different. That’s why we implement the use of a cloud-based hub which ensures full visibility of the project and its progress for every stakeholder.

Exceptional quality

We know as well you that there are no corners to be cut within retail. We ensure every step, stage and element of your retail design and shop fit out will be carried out in line with our ISO9001 accreditation standards. We strive to give you the full peace of mind that your shop refit has had as much care and consideration put into it as possible.

When you choose Eden, you choose quality retail and shop fit out contractors:

  • Retail Space Design Quality
  • Procurement Quality
  • Benchmarking & hold points
  • Successful shop refit planning
  • Full Accountability and transparency
  • Final inspections/Handover
  • Retail Installation Aftercare


We also provide additional fit out services in construction

Samples of our Retail and
Shop Fitting work

Brunello Cucinelli – Mayfair

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MenKind – Liverpool & Cardiff

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A retail or shop fit out is one which prepares the interior space of a shop for use by both staff and customers. While the term is used interchangeably with commercial fit outs, the two differ in form and function. It could be argued that a retail fit out creates a shopping space that is enticing and easy to navigate for customers while still supporting staff efficiency. By contrast, a commercial fit out may focus on creating an office environment that fosters productivity.

It takes between 6 and 26 weeks for a complete fit out. That being said, no two projects are the same, and there are factors – such as the size of the shop or the level of finish desired – that may influence the timescale of the project. If mechanical services are already existing and are able to be used for the next tenancy, this will greatly reduce lead times and project timescales. The good news is that unlike other building contractors, Eden has a 100% track record of delivering projects on-time and on-budget.

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