Climbing Wall Installation

Eden London is a professional building contractor based in the South East of the UK specialising in safe and high quality climbing wall and bouldering wall installation. Over the years, Eden has completed a number of refurbishment and fit out projects that have included the installation of outdoor and indoor rock climbing walls.

Climbing walls aren’t just for seasoned climbers in climbing centres – they can be a great addition to forward-thinking gyms, leisure centres, schools, offices and other buildings, giving everyone the chance to gain climbing experience (with harnesses firmly on, we should add). Even home climbing walls are a thing now! They provide a fun, active element to any space and can put smiles on peoples faces, engage the brain and inspire creativity. We are able to offer both outdoor climbing walls and indoor climbing walls, as well as fixed and free-standing options.

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Why choose Eden for your climbing wall installation:

A bespoke approach

Eden is dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients, and we take pride in our ability to provide unique strategies for each project. We consider every detail to make your space tailored to your requirements.

Unmatched performance

Fitting a climbing wall is a task that takes skill. From understanding the type of walls you’re working with to the fitting of the climbing wall itself, we’re a confident and experienced team with a track record for completing all our projects on-time and on-budget.

Unbeatable quality

We complete all our projects to the highest standards. When you choose Eden for your climbing wall installation project, you receive the highest quality work, and carried out in line with our ISO 9001 accreditation status.

When you choose Eden, you get:

  • Procurement Quality
  • Benchmarking & hold points
  • Successful planning
  • Accountability
  • Final inspections/Handover
  • Aftercare

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