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Types of Office Layout

If you own or manage an office space, top of your priority list is keeping your employees engaged, encouraging focus and creativity, and providing a space which allows your staff to foster professional relationships and build a strong team dynamic.

To do this, you might look at sending out a survey which your employees can fill in, setting up team building activities or even providing a designated collaboration area. But the way your office is designed can also work wonders on your workforce.

From uninspiring and dull to exciting and welcoming, the right types of office layout can take your teams from disengaged in their 9-5 to motivated advocates for your business.

But what types of office layout are best? In this blog post, we outline some of the most popular options for the workplace in 2020.

Low partition offices

When we think of one of the more stereotypical office spaces, our thoughts go straight to the cubicle office, where an open plan setting is divided up via partition walls. This is a popular design, given that it’s one of the most cost-effective designs and provides staff with a designated work station.

But it’s fair to say that the cubicle office space is dated. However, it has evolved and inspired many modern types of office layout, with the low partition office being one of these.

Although much the same layout as the cubicle office design, low partition offices reduce the height of the screen dividing workspaces, giving a more open, free-flowing space which encourages a greater amount of interaction between team members.

Open plan offices

Much of the modern workforce requires a greater level of free-flowing communication, creativity and collaboration. The open plan office space has developed to meet these needs.

Instead of walls or partitions dividing desks and work areas, this type of office layout is commonly demarcated using features such as furniture. A great office space for expansion and reconfiguration, the open plan types of office layout prove popular with creative industries and businesses looking to grow in the foreseeable future.

Team based offices

For businesses with a number of teams, organising office space to reflect who needs to work with who is a must if they want communication to flow freely and to keep team relationships as strong as possible.

Team based office spaces are designed to help ensure this vital connection happens. With layouts influenced by the teams that regularly work together and their particular needs, team based office spaces provide a designated space for each team, designed to meet their particular requirements.

From open and creative areas which allow ideas to bounce between employees to individual workstations for those needing to complete individual tasks, team based offices are an adaptable option that allows you to design a space bespoke to your needs.

Hybrid offices

One of the latest types of office layout to hit the mainstream, hybrid offices combine many of the features of other office designs to create a versatile working space, based on the demands of the particular company using them.

Hybrid offices can include:

  • Co-working areas
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Partitioned work spaces
  • Team-based areas

And much more—this design allows workers to pick and choose from many types of office layout available, selecting the options which work best for their tasks, style of work and preferences.

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