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What Is Commercial Construction?

One of the most exciting things about working in the construction industry is the wide variety of jobs you get to tackle. Eden London is a specialist building contractor with experience working on projects ranging from £10k to £2m.

Commercial construction accounts for a large bulk of our workload. In this blog, we delve into everything you need to know about this particular sub-sector.

What is commercial construction?

Commercial construction is any building project which can be leased or sold in the private sector.

Commercial buildings include:

  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Shopping centres
  • Leisure facilities
  • Medical centres
  • Factories

Commercial construction comes in all shapes and sizes—from small retail facilities to large plants. And the extent of work carried out in commercial construction can vary too. Commercial construction projects are commonly divided into three main categories: small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale.


Smaller-scale or ‘light’ construction work on commercial premises usually centres around changing the appearance of a building. As such, the main focus on these projects is usually branding, aesthetics and interior fit-outs.


Whether your office space needs a little reconfiguration to work for your business’ growth or your store needs maintenance for wear and tear-related issues, any form of remodelling, expansion or restructuring are classed as medium-scale projects.


Unlike other levels of construction, large-scale projects have no previous structure to go on and are literally built from the ground up. These often require allocation of significant time and resources, but are some of the most exciting challenges a contractor can take on. Examples of large-scale projects include warehouses, high rise buildings and blocks of flats.

The 5 phases of commercial construction

No matter the size of a commercial project, there are five key stages in the process which must be followed. But what are the five phases of construction?

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Execution
  4. Monitoring
  5. Completion


Before putting your construction into action, it’s important to evaluate the entire project, its feasibility and pros and cons.

All the possible ways to complete the construction project must be considered, weighed up and a plan put in action on how the project will play out. At this early stage, it’s important to appoint someone to manage the project—usually a principal contractor—who can coordinate all contracted services henceforth and manage the objectives of the project.


In the planning stage of a commercial construction project, the details of the project, including its timeline and budget, must be considered in detail to ensure the project can be successful in meeting its objectives.

This plan should be formalised, so that it can be referred to for guidance during the different stages of the project.


This is the stage where everything planned so far can start to be put into practice. During this period of the construction project, actions are implemented under the control of the project manager.


In the monitoring stage, the progression of the construction project is measured in line with the projected time scale and budget. Adjustments are made at this stage (if required) to ensure that the project completes as estimated. This phase also includes most of the finishing touches to a build, such as painting and wood/metal work.


Once the construction is complete, the project manager needs to finalise everything ready to sign off to the client. This can include landscaping, general cleaning tasks and a final inspection.

Commercial construction specialists

A lot rests on getting a commercial construction project right. From the date an office team can move in and start working to opening your new store in time for a peak trading period, there’s a lot that needs to come together to bring a commercial project in on time and on budget.

As such, it is always recommended that commercial construction is managed by an industry professional. Here at Eden London, we are a specialist principal contractor with years of experience managing commercial projects.

Professional and astute, our team can oversee all five phases of construction for your commercial premises to ensure your project comes in on time and budget. When you choose Eden London, you also get:

  • Procurement Quality
  • Benchmarking & hold points
  • Successful planning
  • Accountability
  • Final inspections/Handover
  • Aftercare

For more information about commercial construction projects from a friendly and reputable team, get in touch with Eden London now.