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What Does An Effective Office Layout Look Like?

The importance of good office design is well documented. According to Forbes, effective office layout can reduce staff turnover, improve workplace wellbeing and more. But what does an effective office layout look like?

In this blog post, office fit out specialists, Eden London, explain how to create the right office design for your team.

Understanding your employees’ needs

Effective office layouts aren’t a one-size-fit-all model, and what works for one team might not work for another.

Understanding what your teams’ wants and needs in a work space is vital. Creating the right office space for your workforce requires careful consideration. Your business and its employees are one-of-a kind, and your office layout should be too.

Some things to consider:

  • Nature of work
  • Industry
  • Employee preferences
  • Functionality

From the type of work your team carries out and knowing what will be practical to the employee feedback to come from your latest staff survey, an effective office layout takes everything into consideration.

Effective office layouts for your team

And with so many factors to consider, it’s easy to see why there’s not one single design that works for every kind of office team.

However, the results of an effective office layout are clear to see. Here’s some of the key indications that an office layout is successful.

A practical environment

An effective office layout has to offer a suitable space for your team to carry out their work. The best type of office layout for your staff will largely depend on the nature of their work.

For example, an open-plan office can work wonders for creatives. However, legal teams handling personal and classified information may require a more traditional cubicle office.

Effective office layouts should allow your workforce to complete their daily tasks without any issues caused by office practicalities.

A happy team

Research strongly suggests that office layout and staff wellbeing are linked. Not only can the colours on the wall and the decor in the space affect the mood of a team, an office layout that actually works can help overcome task roadblocks, improve their completion and create an all-round better working environment.

With the right office layout, gone are the days of staff dreading spending 8 hours of the day in their office—a well designed working space can lift employees’ mood, increase communication and boost teamwork.

Better results

And this is something which leads to better results for your business. An effective office layout is a win-win: you make the environment for your employees work in better and the quality of their contribution to your business improves.

Creating an effective office layout can:

  • Increase productivity
  • Boosted team work
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Help you meet targets

Creating an effective office layout is the key to achieving better results with your office teams. Get the most out of your employees and improve their working environment now with a bespoke office layout from Eden London.

An experienced office fit out provider with years of experience in the industry, you can rely on us to come in on time and on budget with your office redesign.

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