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What Is The Role Of A Principal Contractor In Construction Projects?

A lot goes on during construction projects. From the start to completion of a project, there’s a wide range of people working on site—from builders and surveyors to electricians.

It’s important to have someone managing the entire operation. This is the role of a site’s principal contractor. But what is a principal contractor and what does their role entail? In this blog, Eden London share their insight.

What is a principal contractor?

Appointed by the client, the firm that takes up the principal contractor duties is responsible for managing the entire construction phase of the project—from the early stages right through to completion—ensuring health and safety is maintained throughout the process by all contractors.

To be a successful principal contractor, you should:

  • Have lots of experience
  • Be hands-on
  • Have exemplary communication skills
  • Be capable of managing a large and varied workforce
  • Be fully qualified in health and safety

Principal contractor duties

But what are the exact duties of a principal contractor? Responsible for all other contractors present on a construction site during a project, the principal contractor has an important role to play in ensuring the safe and successful completion of building work.

Principal contractor duties include:

Construction Phase Plan – This document should be produced as soon as possible prior to setting up a construction site. The CPP should then be updated, reviewed and revised throughout the project.

Inform the public – Display the project notification on the site to inform the public of the construction taking place.

Access – Take measures to restrict access where necessary.

Health & Safety – They must ensure that measures are taken to ensure the construction project is carried out minimal risks to health or safety. This can include the proper use of safety equipment, training, access and asbestos management.

Adherence to legal requirements – The principal contractor must ensure that all site staff follow the relevant legal requirements.

Cooperation – It is the role of the principal contractor to cooperate with all other contractors on-site or adjoining construction sites to allow everyone to complete their tasks.

Site rules – The principal contractor must establish and enforce rules for the construction site.

Workforce care – communicate with workers on matters connected with the project which may affect their health, safety or welfare and provide relevant site inductions and copies of important information.

Workforce cooperation – arrangement which will enable the PC and workers to cooperate effectively in promoting and developing measures to ensure health & safety at work and checking effectiveness.

Professional principal contractors

A lot of responsibility rests on the principal contractors shoulders, and they play a big part in the success of your construction.

If you’re looking for a professional contractor you can rely on as your principal contractor, choose Eden London. With years of experience in the industry and the successful management of many projects under our belt, we’re able to bring every project we complete in on time and on budget.

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