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Why choose Eden?

Dynamic innovation

We take the time to understand the needs and desires of our clients, and create an innovative strategy to transform these criteria into deliverables. We harness our wealth of experience, forward-thinking approach and customer service skills to produce and end result that meets, and exceeds the clients expectations.


Unmatched performance

No one likes to be left in the dark. Our cloud-based hub ensures that everyone involved in the construction process can keep on track with the progress of the construction and receive timely updates.


Exceptional quality

We strive for the highest standards with every commercial construction project. All our construction tasks are carried out in line with our ISO 9001 accreditation status including procurement quality, benchmarking and hold points, successful planning, accountability, final inspections, handover and aftercare.


When you choose Eden, you choose quality:

  • Procurement Quality
  • Benchmarking & hold points
  • Successful planning
  • Accountability
  • Final inspections/Handover
  • Aftercare


Commercial Building Work

Horton Chapel – Epsom

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Barnet High St

Project Size: 150m2

Project Value: £350,000

Project Duration: 12 Weeks

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The Prince’s Trust – Blackfriars

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Project Size: 320 sqm

Project Value: £55,000

Project Duration: 5 weeks

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Project Size: 150 sqm

Project Value: £230,000

Project Duration: 16 weeks

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Project Size: 5,000 – 8600 sq. feet

Project Value: £50,000 - £545,000

Project Duration: 4-16 weeks

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To fit out a property is to make it ready for occupation and use. That can involve electrical work, the installation of mechanical facilities such as air conditioning, bathrooms and kitchens, decorations and possibly furnishing the space. When it comes to commercial fit outs, the space is designed and prepared to ensure form follows function. So, for example, an office space may be designed with an open plan with conference rooms and a dedicated dining area.


A fit out is the work needed to improve the current condition of a demise to put it into a fit state for potential occupancy. This can be either internally, externally, or both. A renovation is the work needed to return a demise to a former better state than its current condition. Both a fit out and a renovation can comprise redesign and redecoration of the existing demise.  A fit out can be undertaken on a new and existing demise but a renovation can only take place on an existing demise.


Cat A fit outs ensure a property is in a ‘white box’ or ‘shell’ state. That means the property is empty but fully functional and meets all regulations and standards. Residential and commercial landlords can then offer such properties to tenants, who are free to furnish and decorate them as they see fit. Cat B fit outs involve essentially everything that follows Cat A fit outs to ensure the interior space is ready for use. This can be painting, decorating, furnishing, etc. Learn more in our Cat A/Cat B Fit Out Guide.


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